Booga Sugar

New York Post

"You can’t help but have fun when you spend an evening with Booga Sugar. They’re one of the hottest and most rapidly growing and requested acts on the northeast club circuit today. Enjoy an evening of sheer entertainment with the band that creates mash-ups of high energy rock n' roll with dance beats and disco. Youth driven and with an energy that could power a small city, Booga Sugar takes immediate control of the senses, making even the smallest club or party feel like front row at Madison Square Garden while you satisfy your guilty pleasures.”

The New Yorker

“New York City’s premier dance party rockers…” 

The New York Times

"He sketched out the night ahead: a friend's engagement party until around 10PM, a party at a house run by a group of girls until midnight, a gig by the band Booga Sugar at the nightclub Stephen Talkhouse until 3AM or so, and an after party until near sunrise..."